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Co-opting the Christmas season: Christmas Creep and retailers’ countdown to consumer spending

Countdown to Black Friday

The Countdown to Black Friday is a crassly commercial appropriation of seasonal traditions.

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Are you “part of the problem”? Yes, if you treat social justice as a zero-sum game.


Let’s bring a “win-win” mindset to social justice movements. Remember: improvements on one societal ill often pave the way for improvements on others.

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WATCH: Rebecca Hains discusses THE PRINCESS PROBLEM on Fox News


FOX 25 News explores “The Princess Problem” with Rebecca Hains.

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Op-ed: Media’s choice of photos creates a split-second bias. #Ferguson


In cases like Mike Brown’s, the news media fuel the fires of racism every time they choose an accompanying photograph in which the victim resembles the scary thug police claim he was. Our op-ed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch explains why.

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Customers: Stop abusing Disney Store clerks. It’s not their fault Frozen merch is sold out.

Disney’s film Frozen was released in theaters five months ago, but merchandise based on the film is still sold out at Disney Stores nationwide. It’s clear that Disney Consumer Products Division had no inkling that Frozen would become the most successful animated movie of…

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FOX43 legitimizes KKK activities with reprehensible Facebook post

In response to a series of local break-ins in central Pennsylvaina, a local organization has formed a neighborhood watch group. On the surface, that sounds like a great idea: Neighborhood watch groups can be an effective crime deterrent. They encourage community members to keep an eye…

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Review: “Prison Baby” by Deborah Jiang Stein

In a system that treats drug addicts as criminals—that incarcerates people struggling with addiction, instead of recognizing addiction as a complex disease and providing treatment— injustice piles upon injustice. The war on drugs has destroyed families, tearing parents and children…

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