Unbelievable: Lululemon founder thinks career women bring cancer on themselves.


These thighs are ideal for Lululemon pants.

According to Lululemon founder Chip Wilson, when his $100 yoga pants wear out more quickly than his cheaper competitors’ pants do, it’s women’s fault. If only women were more like stick figures! Then our thighs wouldn’t be so destructive.

This just in: In 2009, Chip wrote a blog post in which he blamed women for their own breast cancer, too. Turns out his penchant for blaming women is nothing new.

According to Chip’s view of the world, breast cancer is the fault of “cigarette-smoking Power Women who were on the pill” who were “taking on the stress previously left to men in the working world.” (Note: yesterday afternoon, the post was scrubbed from his blog, but it can still be found with the Internet Archive.)

Who knew that being the tenth-richest man in Canada makes Wilson qualified to determine that sexually active career women bring cancer on themselves??? It’s outrageous.

Let’s make it clear that blaming women for things beyond their control—whether the durability of his pants’ fabric or the life-threatening illnesses they contract—is not okay, ever. Sign and share our petition to hold Wilson and Lululemon accountable for their sexist, ignorant statements. Your voice matters.

One Comment on “Unbelievable: Lululemon founder thinks career women bring cancer on themselves.

  1. I’m embarrassed for all the Lulu gear I already own but will guarantee that not a cent more will be spent there. Bigotry isn’t acceptable no matter how rich you are.

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