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Monthly Archives: October 2013

“Am I Pretty or Ugly” Videos a Symptom of Toxic Media Culture

In recent years, young girls have been posting videos of themselves to YouTube, asking one question: “Am I pretty or ugly?” Over 500,000 of these videos are online, and they’re heart-wrenching to watch. In addition to being incredibly sad, these…

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Sexy Halloween Costumes Reveal the Truth about Girls’ Toys

Sexy Disney Princess costumes

Do you object to sexy Halloween costumes for little girls? When you compare the “Little Leopard” costume for young girls to the adult “Sexy Leopard” costumes, do you cringe? When you see children’s classic Disney Princess costumes placed literally steps…

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Disney’s Obamacare “inspiration” not as great as it sounds.

An article praising Disney World went viral on Facebook on Thursday. Brimming with excitement, the article reported that unlike companies that have cut part-time employees’ hours to avoid providing them with health insurance, Disney was “inspired”: Taking a “different approach,”…

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