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All Rapists are Legitimate Rapists. #EndRapeCulture #BrockTurner

The trial of Stanford rapist Brock Turner offers us insight on what we should do next to fight rape culture.

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Internet mob shames mom in Harambe’s name

The tragic killing of Harambe the gorilla has prompted an international outpouring of grief and rage. Harambe was killed by Cincinnati zoo officials to save the life of a preschooler who somehow entered the gorillas’ enclosure. It’s a decision officials…

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My 5-Month-Old Baby to Enter the GOP Primary. You’re Welcome, America. 

The latest GOP “debate” demonstrated an all-time low in the maturity level of the GOP’s remaining presidential candidates. As a result, people keep telling me: “Rebecca, your 5-month-old baby would be a better candidate than those guys.” That’s what they…

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An End to Toy Awards’ Gender Divide?

The Toy Industry Association is considering abolishing its gender-stereotyped Toy of the Year. But will it? The Toy Industry Association (TIA) needs to bring its prestigious Toy of the Year (TOTY) awards up to date. Honors in two categories—the “Boy…

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Boys play with dolls, and girls play with spaceships. Someone tell the toymakers.

The toy world’s biggest convention starts this weekend in New York, where more than 900 members of the Toy Industry Association — brands, manufacturers, licensors and retailers who account for about 90 percent of the annual $22 billion U.S. domestic…

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A Barbie with curves is still all about looks.

Last week, Time reported a significant change for the Barbie brand: Beginning in March, shoppers will be able to choose from three new Barbie body shapes. In addition to the original model, the “Fashionistas” line of Barbies will offer the…

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YMCA pool to mom: Baby girls need to wear swim tops. But, why?

Angela writes that while visiting her local YMCA yesterday on one of the hottest days of the year, staff in the pool area informed her that her one-year-old daughter needed to wear a swim top. “It was fine for the baby boys…

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