Dr. Rebecca Hains


#Pussygate and Trump’s serial sexual assault 

This election cycle has so desensitized us to hateful rhetoric that I feel compelled to clarify something. When Trump described how he could approach random women and “grab them by the pussy” and claimed they’d “let him” because of his…

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All Rapists are Legitimate Rapists. #EndRapeCulture #BrockTurner

The trial of Stanford rapist Brock Turner offers us insight on what we should do next to fight rape culture.

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This is rape culture. 

Here’s a thread from my latest blog post that exemplifies what rape culture looks like. It begins when a commenter asserts that girls who are “physically adult” can consent to sex. This seems reasonable enough when applied to the girls…

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Reconciling David Bowie’s genius with rape 

Today, on the day of David Bowie’s death, people have been discussing an upsetting issue: Early in his career, David Bowie statutorily raped young teen girls—the underage “baby groupies” who were an open secret in the rock scene of the 1970s….

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Woman harassed with “Rape Room” joke, then fired for complaint—but rape is not a joke.

Rape is not a joke. So why does the internet—and society at large—seem to regard it as funny? Reactions to one woman’s “Rape Room” allegations fit a broader, disturbing pattern.

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The College Rape Crisis: Four Ways to End to Rape Culture

This week, as colleges across the nation hold commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2014, Time Magazine’s cover story takes on a topic relevant to college students nationwide: the campus rape crisis. Approximately 20% of college women in the U.S. are victims of an…

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