#Pussygate and Trump’s serial sexual assault 

This election cycle has so desensitized us to hateful rhetoric that I feel compelled to clarify something. When Trump described how he could approach random women and “grab them by the pussy” and claimed they’d “let him” because of his fame, he was not describing consensual contact. 

He was describing sexual assault. 

It is widely known that when women are sexually assaulted, they are likely to freeze due to shock and terror. This is part of what makes it difficult for women to successfully prosecute men for sexual assault: the perpetrator’s defense that “she didn’t fight it” is distorted into signifying that “she wanted it.” It’s victim-blaming. 

So let’s make something crystal clear about Trump’s #pussygate controversy. 

Trump’s use of derogatory language is an issue, yes–but it’s not the biggest issue. 

Likewise, the confirmation of his adulterous tendencies is an issue–but that’s not the biggest issue, either. 

No, no. The biggest issue is this: The GOP’s candidate for president in 2016 is on record having boasted about committing serial sexual assaults upon unsuspecting women. 

And anyone who doesn’t think that’s a problem is part of the problem. 


(Image via Feminist Fight Club by artist Stella Marrs)

5 Comments on “#Pussygate and Trump’s serial sexual assault 

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  2. Predatory men often target women who have already experienced some kind of sexual trauma and are more likely to freeze up like that if they haven’t adequately processed what was done to them. This is not necessarily an unconscious process on the man’s part, either.

  3. This sexual assault rhetoric is ridiculous nonsense. If you listened to the tape, in context of the interview, he was clearly talking about kissing beautiful women; that he doesn’t wait, he just does it. Anyone with his level of fame has above average self-confidence. And most men with above average self-confidence are VERY attractive to the opposite sex. As a man who frequently hears “locker room talk” and understands it in it’s context, I can say that what his words communicated to me was that he’s famous, he knows it, he has no problem building sexual attraction in beautiful women very quickly, and doesn’t hesitate to kiss them. He overemphasized how attracted women are to that confidence by saying that you can do anything and they’ll love it. And if a woman is that attracted to you, he’s not wrong. I’ve never done ANYTHING to a woman that she didn’t want me to do, but I have experienced heavy petting within 10 minutes of meeting a woman. When a guy talks about this in the context of locker room talk, it’s explicitly understood that he means she was very willing, eager, and turned on. He doesn’t have to stop and make it clear that he was only talking about consent and not sexual assault. This whole scandal is nonsense.

  4. Thank you for writing this!!

    You hit the nail on the head with this one. His derogatory language speaks to his disgusting perceptions of women; but the fact that he openly admits to sexually assaulting women is outrageous. What’s more outrageous is nothing has been done about his actions.

    Statistics show that sexual violence is the most under reported crime for numerous reasons; one of them being the victim feeling shame, or guilt because she feels responsible.

    Him saying he’ll kiss whomever he wants because he’s famous and she’ll like it, implies he can kiss whoever without asking consent first. If that man kissed me I’d hurl. I don’t care how famous he is. and if
    He did ask
    Consent is say no.

    Anyway, thank u for this post! I agree completely.

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