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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Thank you, Obama, for affirming toys are for ALL children, despite the stereotypes.

As the father of two girls, President Obama knows there’s no such thing as “girls’ toys” and “boys’ toys”–and his actions while sorting gifts at the US Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots campaign speak volumes.

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LEGO Friends Comic Goes Viral

LEGO friends comic excerpt

When Patrinos saw the men in a LEGO documentary talk about how to connect with girls, it sounded like they were trying to decipher how to make contact with an alien species. So she made a cartoon about it.

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LISTEN: Rebecca Hains on #NoGenderDecember – News Radio 610 WTVN

I recently chatted with Joel Riley of News Radio 610 in Columbus, Ohio about the “No Gender December” campaign. Here’s our conversation: LISTEN: Joel Riley interviews Rebecca Hains about #NoGenderDecember News Radio 610 WTVN, Columbus, OH TRANSCRIPT: Joel Riley: Let’s spend a…

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5 Reasons NOT to Buy Barbie for Little Girls (It’s Not Just Body Image!)

Five good reasons to avoid buying Barbie dolls and give girls fun, healthy alternatives, instead.

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VIDEO: Rebecca Hains on #NoGenderDecember, FOX & Friends

Is ending the stereotype-filled gendered marketing of toys really such a bad idea? FOX and I disagree in a lively television debate.

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Raising White Children to be Anti-Racist Allies

Raising our children to be allies to people of color requires intentional choices in parenting—but it’s a goal within reach.

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VIDEO: Meredith Vieira features Rebecca Hains & “The Princess Problem”

Meredith Vieira and Rebecca Hains explore the nature of princess problem and how parents can fight back.

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