White woman who voted for Trump rants about “discrimination” while abusing Black retail workers 

In this video, you’ll see an entitled white woman raging at two Black women who work in a Michael’s craft store in Chicago on November 24, 2016. She’s shouting and swearing at them and at the bystanders, claiming that she was “discriminated against” by a Black cashier who tried to sell her a reusable bag. She rants that this so-called discrimination has something to do with her having voted for Trump (which I am assuming nobody knew until she volunteered this information as evidence of why she feels “discriminated against”). 

Screen shot via https://youtu.be/hT5KrRGfJBI

She also screams that she has been “discriminated against” by the cashier’s manager (who is also Black) when the manager “refused to reprimand her employee” the way that she (“I’m the CONSUMER!!!”, she notes with rage) wanted her to. 

She also berates the white woman who was taking this video, alleging that her young child is “stealing” and that she should go home to her “cheating husband.” (When the camera starts shaking about 7 or 8 minutes in, the woman making the video notes this is because she’s getting so upset at the ongoing scene. It was clearly distressing.)

When someone tries to calm the irate woman by saying “We’re all human,” meaning that everyone makes mistakes, she rages against this too for being “liberal” nonsense. 

She clearly believed people were out to harm her (she said something about how a Trump supporter just got beaten up, and were they going to beat her up, too?) and called the police freaking out that “people are ganging up on me.” She was the one escalating the situation, while those around her were reasoning with her and/or documenting her meltdown. 

As a closing thought, all I can say is that if she thinks this is “discrimination,” she has NO IDEA what the lived experiences of people of color are. None. Zip. Zero. If she can’t handle one cashier messing up the bagging of her purchase, she’s got a serious case of white fragility. It’s such an embarrassment, I almost feel badly for her. 

Any thoughts?

15 Comments on “White woman who voted for Trump rants about “discrimination” while abusing Black retail workers 

  1. Yes, discrimination as follows : Affirmative ( anti-White, anti-male, anti-Christian bigotry ), hence, quotas in all aspects of society ‘s infra-structure created disproportionately by the Marxist hated White Christian heterosexual male ! What demographic created and maintained a university level of education in order that any diverse, non-creative person can obtain a doctorate ? I am 64 years old, lived in N.J. and two other states and I never witnessed a scenario in which you describe in your biased rant ! You are a liar, statiscally ! Have you attended or sent condolences to any policeman or policwoman murdered by black perps ? retorical question.

    • Et em, you need to look into the G.I. Bill which is the beginning of affirmative action policies. None of which were afforded to black soldiers who also served in the same war.

      I assume you are married to a white female. If so, you must have a problem with her too becase white females are the biggest recipients of affirmative action polices, welfare, etc…

      What you are afraid of is simply COMPETITION!
      Don’t look back, that head start you had is catching up to you.
      But you know, facts…


  2. This lady has latched on to some right wing paranoia. I guess when you are used to privilege equality feels like discrimination.

  3. This ladies definitely acting nuts, and a rude, erratic Trump supporter, but she’s female living in the reality of worldwide statistics of male violence against women, murder, sexual assault, abuse, street and workplace harassment, economic, social, control over our bodies. Calling this privilege is creepy , what equality do women have? Women know what discrimination feels like. It’s the one we’re all supposed to keep quiet about.

    • She said white fragility, not white privilege. If this were a video about her getting mad at some men mistreating her, your point would apply. White women don’t have “female privilege” — but they do have “white privilege,” since they are, well, white. Just because white women know what it’s like to be mistreated on gender grounds doesn’t mean that they can’t mistreat others on racial grounds.

      • You didn’t read the only other comment besides mine I was also responding to?

        • I read all the comments, but I couldn’t tell that yours was a reply to someone else’s because it doesn’t have that left indent that indicates you were replying and not just commenting on the article. Were you replying to Rachel?

  4. One of the most racist articles I’ve read. Of course the African Americans did no wrong, they never do. God forbid a white person argues with a black person for receiving horrible customer service. The customer is always right, it’s the cashier job to check out the customet that’s it. When they did more than that it officially became discrimination or bullying or poor customer service whatever you want to call it. So sick of this white privileged crap, tell that to the millions of whites people living below the poverty line.

    • Complaining about bad customer service is one thing. Bringing race into it is another thing. There was no evidence that they were “discriminating” against her; that was her own weird and racist paranoia, which if you watch the video seems to be associated with some kind of mental problem. She didn’t stop at abusing them but went on to do it to the bystanders, which really doesn’t help her case if she’s trying to convince someone she was actually wronged.

  5. That woman has severe mental issues… she’s way beyond just being abusive to minorities but clearly was in the mood to just bash everyone around her (cheating husband, stealing baby… WTH?)… and she ALSO happens to be racist. If the cashiers had been white she probably would have still been abusive but not thrown race into it.

    As for the comments defending her – I doubt they even watched that video. But if they did and they didn’t see a problem with it, well, that is exactly why we have one of the worst men on the face of the planet as our President Elect. We have a severe selfishness problem in our country — not being able to actually “love others as we love ourselves” (ahem, CHRISTIANS, the second greatest commandment according to Jesus!) — and this is one example. There have actually been a lot of “angry winner” videos and I really don’t get it. YOU WON… why are you angry??

    • Can’t edit so writing this P.S. “Severe” was a bit strong probably — but then again maybe not. My aunt generally can get by with seeming pretty normal, until she does things like pulling a shotgun on her siblings when they show up unannounced.

  6. At what point does she become “outed” and lose her job? Let the witch hunt begin!

  7. This woman obviously has some mental issues. And some anxiety about what has been wrought, on her behalf, by people like herself. We’re all suffering with anxiety, those who didn’t like the outcome, and those who think they are excited about it. All of our lives are being turned upside down…changes are coming!!
    My hope is, that before we all lose too much, those who made that decision will quickly realize their mistake and contribute to correcting it.
    Get a grip lady! “All that liberal ‘we’re all human crap!'” Wow.

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