More on teaching boys not to rape

The Christian Science Monitor picked up my post on teaching boys to understand “consent” and “respect” from an early age. Here’s the link:

Meanwhile, folks have been sending me links to other new posts on the same topic. Check these out:

These links give me hope: Even though Zerlina Maxwell has been bashed and threatened for arguing that men must be responsible for stopping rapes, I believe she’s right–and clearly, other moms do, too. In the aftermath of the Steubenville rape trial, we mothers of boys have an opportunity: We can help shift the cultural conversation about stopping rape. Instead of asking, “How can girls avoid being raped?”–which too often involves victim-blaming–let’s keep asking, “How can boys not rape?”

The answer to that latter question is more dynamic, as it involves confronting rape culture head-on. It has the power to change the status quo.

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