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More on teaching boys not to rape

The Christian Science Monitor picked up my post on teaching boys to understand “consent” and “respect” from an early age. Here’s the link: “Steubenville rape trial: How can I raise my boy not to rape, nor be a bystander?” by…

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This week’s round-up: CSMonitor.com, princess seeds, and princess week

A few quick things to share: I’ve joined the Christian Science Monitor’s Modern Parenthood blogging team! Check out the blog here; my contributor’s bio is here. Yesterday, Peggy Orenstein blogged about my post on the Disney Princess seed packets–and she…

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Ponies, petitions, and girl power: This week’s roundup

Last week, I kept busy working on the My Little Pony petition, asking Hasbro to stop promoting superficial stereotypes of girls. Change.org invited me to contribute a guest post to their web site about the petition. It’s called “I Won’t…

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