Ponies, petitions, and girl power: This week’s roundup

Last week, I kept busy working on the My Little Pony petition, asking Hasbro to stop promoting superficial stereotypes of girls. Change.org invited me to contribute a guest post to their web site about the petition. It’s called “I Won’t Buy My Little Pony Toy That Makes Smart Princess Shallow.” You can read it here.

Mommyish.com also reported on the petition. Koa Beck wrote:

Hearing these [stereotypical] phrases from their favorite pony countless times a day cements the cultural message that girls consistently receive about their beauty being paramount. That their other achievements and interests, not matter how much they excel at them, will come second to beauty — and that’s because they’re girls.

Also of possible interest:

Thanks for reading, everyone. Has anything of interest come across your screens in the past week? What’s caught your attention?

3 Comments on “Ponies, petitions, and girl power: This week’s roundup

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  2. I’m sorry, but I cannot agree with your petition. I don’t see how adding these little extra are perpetuating a stereotype.

  3. I don’t agree with your petition. It’s a tv show about ponies so why can’t people just leave it at that? Everyone has to bring their theories and ideas into everything in this world because they say they have good intentions. Some of the worst things are done with the best intentions.

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