Dr. Rebecca Hains


Princess Awesome Kickstarter Signals a Cultural Tipping Point

Princess Awesome dresses

Princess Awesome’s traction may be a cultural referendum on the relentlessly monochromatic girly girl culture we’ve lived with for more than a decade—a signal that we’re approaching a cultural tipping point on the subject. And that’s a good thing.

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Empower Your Princess-Obsessed Preschooler with Media Literacy in Four Easy Steps! (No, Really.)

How to provide your daughter with valuable, life-long media literacy skills from an early age.

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Happy Sexualize-Our-Daughters Season! ….Er, Halloween.

When did “Let’s dress up for Halloween” turn into “Let’s be sexy for Halloween,” anyway?

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FCKH8’s “F-Bomb Princess” video isn’t offensive—it’s exploitative.

Viral video isn’t about what’s good for girls—it’s about the t-shirt company’s bottom line.

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WATCH: Rebecca Hains discusses THE PRINCESS PROBLEM on Fox News

FOX 25 News explores “The Princess Problem” with Rebecca Hains.

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Announcing PINK ATTITUDE, a documentary featuring Rebecca Hains

Rebecca Hains to appear in new documentary on princesses, pop stars and girl power

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Customers: Stop abusing Disney Store clerks. It’s not their fault Frozen merch is sold out.

Disney’s film Frozen was released in theaters five months ago, but merchandise based on the film is still sold out at Disney Stores nationwide. It’s clear that Disney Consumer Products Division had no inkling that Frozen would become the most successful animated movie of…

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