Redesigned Merida? #NotBuyingIt

Dog holding a pencil and redesigned Merida admits: "I have no idea what I'm doing"

Just my little contribution to the “I have no idea what I’m doing” meme … enjoy!

P.S. Many thanks to Boston Globe columnist Joanna Weiss for including me in her Boston.comment piece here. My statement:

Disney executives’ response to the Merida petition was tone deaf: They stated that because the character’s redesign is only temporary, people shouldn’t be concerned. But the changes to Merida completely undercut a character who serves as a role model, a counterpoint to the pretty princess trope–selling girls short in the process. Disney has failed to acknowledge that Merida means something special to parents and their daughters. (And their argument that Merida herself wanted to “dress up” for the coronation is simply insulting.)

15 Comments on “Redesigned Merida? #NotBuyingIt

  1. I’m 11 and I lovee your blog. ❤
    People always have to redesign my childhood characters. (Strawberry Shortcake, Angelina Ballerina, etc.)

    • Thank you for the compliment! I like your Fluttershy avatar. 🙂

      I’m sorry they keep redesigning your childhood characters. It’s so unnecessary.

      By the way, as a MLP fan, what do you think of The Hub’s plans to make a new show called Equestria Girls?

      • When I heard the idea and saw the leaked images I said OhGodWhy. I don’t like sitcoms or high school dramas. They trailer made me give it a chance. Twilight hugs a guy in a clip so she’s probably gonna get a boyfriend. 😦 I don’t get why Applejack and Rainbow have to wear a skirt.
        I just hope it doesn’t end up like this.

        • ”The trailer made me give it a chance. Sorry. 😀

        • Ugh, I hope not, too!

          My son is 4 and loves MLP. When he saw a picture of Twilight from Equestria Girls, he asked, “Why did they make her a PEOPLE?” I don’t know how to answer that question, LOL.

          • My brother is 7 and he wants to give it a chance. He like MLP and I have a huge toy collection. Rainbow is his favorite too.

            • Love this convo and hope more kids weigh in about MLP and bronies too…would be nice to ‘corral’ some sites that enable user generated content/thoughtful expression from kids so Hasbro can ‘learn/lead’ from a loyal fan base. Any particular social media sites or forums where kids are chatting about these changes?

              (p.s. to Rebecca, not exactly media lit research/data questing but am trying to see if we can fuel change via ‘show and tell’ to pass along to the mega-corps so they can hear from kids beyond a handful in their focus groups 😉 I met a talented illus, fmr MLP/Hasbro fan at Maker Faire this past wkend and she talked about her frustration with the directions/changes too; story to come…)

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  3. Rebecca, Cartoon Network is making a new cartoon called Steven Universe. It is the first show on CN to be created by a woman. It’s about a team called the Crystal Gems and them defeating evil. 3 out of 4 of the main characters are female. They aren’t stereotypical girly, or annoying. They all have unique designs. It’s like Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls, and some Adventure Time into one. Steven also likes the idea of being part of this all girl team.
    Watch here if interested:
    (Not sure if appropriate for your son. This lady worked on Adventure Time.)

  4. I was just watching Disney Junior with my younger brother (2). They had a promo promoting their Summer. They call it “Pirate and Princess Summer”. I know some little girls dream of being a Princess, but I feel like it’s just promoting stereotypes. They also had a slideshow of kids dressing up to the theme, and I saw no girl pirates.

    • I watched the video again, there IS a female pirate! She is only around for two seconds, though.

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