Boys and girls and baby dolls

I am supposed to be working, but instead, I am eavesdropping as my four-year-old son, T., and his friend, N., play together with his two baby dolls, Sully and Buddy.

T. is walking around with Sully under his shirt. N. is trying her best to be patient. Finally, she asks, “Is Sully born yet????”

“No, not yet!” he sighs.

They climb into bed and pretend to sleep. Suddenly, N.’s baby doll, Buddy, wakes up. T. groans and says, “It’s the middle of the night!” –reenacting a common nighttime scene at our house. (He sounds just like his daddy!)

But then N. says, “No, actually, it’s morning!”, so everyone wakes up, chipper as can be. The kids stand on the bed and yell, “FAMILY JUUUUMP!” and jump across the room together.

T. notes that his harbor seal puppet, Pup, hasn’t had her baby yet, either. (There is a baby seal puppet stuffed inside her.) So they take a walk down the stairs to pass the time.

But the next thing I hear is, “Ouch ouch ouch!” and Pup’s baby is born. Minutes later, T.’s baby is born, too! The kids put all the babies to sleep quickly and expertly.

Later, the kids will bring the baby dolls downstairs for rides in T.’s toy trucks–but for now, N. declares, “I think it’s time for us to take a nap, too.”

With that, the kids are back in bed.

“Will you help me with my pillow?” N. asks. “I’m busy with my baby.”

“Okay,” T. replies amiably.

Moments later, T. proudly declares, “My baby knows how to jump.” Time for another “FAMILY JUUUUMP!!!” The air is full of baby dolls and gleeful kids. They are so happy.

And once again, I am happy that my little boy has a wide range of toys and friends in his life–including baby dolls and girl friends to play with.

Rebecca Hains is a media studies professor at Salem State University. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter

3 Comments on “Boys and girls and baby dolls

  1. Nice post :3
    Rebecca, have you heard that Hasbro has announced a Nerf line for girls? It kind of bothers me that the colors are Pink & Purple.
    I think they are doing this because of the successful “Hunger Games” book series. The weapons also have names like “Heartbreaker Bow”, “Pink Crush Blaster”, and a “Dart Diva Bag”
    At least they are trying to appeal to the opposite gender but it would be better if they just put Girls in the normal Nerf advertisements, like this Ad from Sweden.—Swed-008.jpg

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