Dr. Rebecca Hains


On Jim Acosta, the intern, and inappropriate internship expectations: A professor’s perspective

As a Media and Communication professor who regularly supervises undergraduate interns, I have been thinking about the situation with Jim Acosta and the intern who attempted to remove the microphone from his hands, as well as the White House’s suggestion that Acosta assaulted her and therefore deserved to have his White House press “hard pass” access revoked. I have a few thoughts to share.

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LISTEN: Rebecca Hains discusses “FYI (If you’re a teenage girl)” on The Shift with Mike Eckford

UPDATED Sept. 6, 2013 at 9:40 a.m.: Last night, I was a guest on CKNW AM Vancouver’s The Shift with Mike Eckford, chatting about my response to Mrs. Hall, raising compassionate sons, and the sexualization of teenage girls. My segment is…

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Media literacy for preschoolers, pt. 4: Tips and resources

This week, I’ve been writing about how parents can help their preschoolers become media literate. [See: Part 1: how media work, Part 2: media content, Part 3: media creation.] For my wrap-up post in this series, I’d like to share…

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